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Heyy! I'm Camilla I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and both of my BFF's are too!! They are Sariah Xx and Ruth xx!! I have 4 sisters and 1 annoying brother then again all boys are.... Haha thats just some info about me I hope you enjoy my blog....

Monday, 28 February 2011

Xx !!!!!!! Sariah !!!!!!! Xx

Sariah Hughes is one of my BFFs!! :D We've had so many memories together and known each other ,well; since birth... lol!! We both go to Ahton Chapel and always have so I see her EVERY Sunday because we are both Mormons!
I don't have many long stories about Sariah but I have some short ones so here goes...

Dolls House

Well Saz and I used to go to each others house alot and one day we wondered what to do... Then we thought go into the conservatory and do some crafts, and thats exactly how it started off until... Sariah and me saw the ( you guessed it ) Dolls House!!

Remember now we were both 11 so we're a bit old to play with Dolls houses but we found it fun and I remember that we both wanted to play with the ugliest dolls and then we went out on the trampoline it was a really fun day and then Sariah lost her phone and I think it's still in our house... I guess I'll never know!! :D xx

And one more story...

2 vs 1
(I don't remember so well but I saw some pictures the other day that seemed to show this story)

When me and Sariah were just young about 5 and my sister Annie was about 4. Anyway we were at our church car park whilst our mums and dads must have been doing something inside but i don't remember as I said i'm mostly making this up from some pictures I saw...

But still we were outside playing in our toy car, because we were so small we could fit 2 of us in it. So as I said me and Saz were 2 peas in a pod (even at a young age) but when i turned around to get in the car with Sariah!!!! And there was Annie, sat smug next to Sariah in MY car... I was devestated but you know as kind as i am I forgot about it... until now...

Thanx for these memories Sariah I'll never forget them!! LUV YA LOADS!! :D xx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

xX Ruthie and our Memories Xx

Ruth is my BFF!! :D xx She is amazing and inspired me to make this blog!She always has something to laugh about and have had many funny memories together and this is one of my favourites...

The Too-Big Turkey

At the Ball
Once upon a time there were two young Princesses named Ruth and Cameela, they were best friends and they always saw each other.

One day Cameela and Ruth both went to a ball at the Oldham palace. Finally the night came to a close and it was time to say goodbye until... Ruth got an idea that the Cameela could come and stay at her palace. Cameela jumped to the opportunity and hastily asked her father, who finally agreed. The 2 were always planning things so Queen Joanne was not surprised when Ruth asked.

The Queen agreed and they head home in their fine carriage. The girls made "Nachos" and enjoyed them whilst watching the home entertainment (million pound drop) it was a splendid night.

Finally they were up and dressed the next morning and after their outing they went to Tesco... And this is where my favourite part begins...

The Tesco was new and had a brilliant stock. The princesses made their way through the isles when their eyes beheld the largest , plumpest turkey they had ever seen. The girls ran towards it... They went to pick it up but realised it was to heavy to lift so called the Queen. She refused, the girls had to do it themselves they laid both hands on the creature and put all their effort into lifting it. Finally it was high enough to get out. The turkey dropped on the floor carrying the girls with it. All the girls could do was laugh. The Queen told them to pick it up but as they both lent forward their heads clashed and they broke down laughing again. Finally the Queen got it and put it back, by then everyone was smiling...

And they lived Happily Ever After!! :D xx LUV YA RUTH!! :D xx <3

By Camilla ... ( Based on a true story )

xX A Little Introduction Xx

Hey hey!! :D xx
Well this is my first time i've ever written a 'blog' so i dont know how it will turn out. But here goes....
Well first this is what you might want to know about me... My name is Camilla!!: D xx I am 12 !! :D xx


I have one brother - Jake: 9yrs - he's addicted to any games. Then I have 4 sisters including - Annie: 11yrs - she is AmAzInG!! Haha!! :D xx Then we have my other sister - Maddie: 7yrs - she is really cute at times and funny too!! :D xx Then we have - Rosie: 4yrs and Tilly (Matilda): 2yrs - they're the pair in our family "as cute as a button" as some would say.

Tilly + Rosie
" Cute as a Button"

Annie + Maddie
"Party Time"
Oh and also... Last Topic... 
Sariah + Ruth + Me
My Friends

All my friends are AMAZING my BFFs have got to be: Ruth and Sariah .... We have all had soooo many laughs together and I've  known them both since I was a baby!! :D xx We are such a group and I luv them both to bits!! :D xx <3

Anyway I don't want to bore you with my life and all that, I just wrote to say : Welcome and Enjoy my other blogs!! :D Xx