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Heyy! I'm Camilla I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and both of my BFF's are too!! They are Sariah Xx and Ruth xx!! I have 4 sisters and 1 annoying brother then again all boys are.... Haha thats just some info about me I hope you enjoy my blog....

Sunday, 1 May 2011

xX May Xx

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month...

MayI can't believe it's May already! This year has gone sooo fast and soon enough I'll be a teenager!! :D xx I don't know whether thats good or bad xx :L 

There are 244 days remaining until the end of the year.

TTFN!! :D Xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

xX In France Xx

My holiday so far has been VERY VERY good!!! :D I hear the weather is nice back in England, it must be because the Prestons have left the country!! :D Its great.... the pool is soooooo cold, i have to put my wetsuit on for it actualy to be so much as bearable... xxxxxx

Missing everyone xxxx

Friday, 15 April 2011


I'm going to France tomorrow morning at 6 o clock it will be sooooooo fun... We have to drive, so it will take 16 hours altogether, we're going on the euro tunnel...

 Its not as scary as it looks or sounds - HONESTLY otherwise I wouldnt go on...

Anyway this post is to Sazzzzzzzz because she has been very very very very very very sad that i am going away and already sys that she is missing me... I HAVEN'T EVEN LEFT YET !!!!!!!!! :D Xx

It shows how much she loves me... Haha ALREADY MISSING YOU SAZ AND RUTH!!!!!! :D Love you both... Goodbye for 2 whole weeks.....

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

xX Fregly Xx

This is the scene where Fregly (the wierdo) shows Greg and Rowley his secret freckle... Me and Sariah imitate him every time we see eachother...

I <3 YOU FREGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOKES!!!!!!!!! :D xx

xX A Missionary (again) Xx

More missionary oppertunies... Please watch this emotional video.....

After that video please visit http://www.mormon.org/ to see how Darren grew a testimony....

The church will give countless blessing and show you how to lead the right life and strive towards the Celestial Kingdom.

xX A Missionary Xx

In the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we have missionaries... My Grandma and Granddad are lucky enough to be called as mission president and wife of the England, Manchester mission, for 3 years...

I would like to follow my Grandma and Granddad's example so to be a missionary I am going to add one of my favourite videos in the world for you to watch...

And please please please visit the website... http://www.mormon.org/ they will truly answer your questions.....

"What is the purpose of life?"
"Can families be together forever?"
"Where do we go after this life?"
"What is the true nature of God?"

Please visit this website and your lives will be blessed.....

Monday, 11 April 2011

xX General Conference Xx

This is a video that is about the Young Women in my church... It really makes me emotional, I cried when I watched it. Please watch it...

If you want to see or listen to more from the same session just look on:

On the General Young Women Conference... It is very inspiring... I am a Young Women and I believe....

xX My Holiday Xx

These are some pictures from our holiday last year... Its in Spain at a camp site called Cypsela. It  took like 30 hours to get there and we had to stay in a hotel overnight... then we bought bread in the morning...

We're going on holiday on Saturday too, we're going to France and the website is on my last post.... :D Xx

I love holidays, except the journey home, that just makes me sick.....

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN for Saturday...

xX A day off School Xx

I know most people have already broken up but today for our school is inset day!! I have loads of stuff I wanna do.

Anyway I won't be writing for a while because I'll be on Holiday in France have a visit around...


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

xX Oblivion Xx

I was just thinking to myself today about my trip to Alton Towers.... Where I went on the scariest ride EVER!!!! It is just a straight drop....


No Jokes it is the SCARIEST RIDE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xX My Bus Xx

Today when I went to get on the bus with my sister, Annie, the bus driver said that the bus journey from my school to our usual stop would cost us £1.70 EACH!!  I couldn't believe it I didnt even have that money...

The new bus prices are SUCH a rip off.......

Thursday, 31 March 2011

xX At Sariah's Xx

Yesterday I went to Sariah's house. It was amazing!! :D xx Lol!! :D xx

So I went to school as normal with my clothes to change into and I was looking forward to it allllll day. So it was SHOCK when 3.30 finally came and we only had a little longer, and after those agonizing minutes the bell went. I rushed to my locker and got my clothes and left my bag in my locker.... And off I ran to catch the next bus.

The bus came at last just as I got to the stop so I got on and headed for Ashton Bus Station!! :D Xx Then when I finally got there I rang Sariah and found she was right in front of me!! :D Xx So we got on the next bus and had our snaks ( smarties and animal biscuits ) and got off at the mossley stop!! Little did we know we would be walking for 30 whole minutes!! :D xx

We power walked up to the hill holding on to our ( rope ) then walked along the non-paved roads and we were running from cars coming centimetres away from us eventually we ended up running and screaming along  the road in the last bit of the journey...

When we finally got there we had a YUMMY tea: Pizza, Garlic bread, Chips, Salad, Coleslaw and a TASTY dessert: Dohnuts, Eclairs, Cookies..... I know talk about GAWJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ...

Coolest EVA girls on their
way to the park!! :D Xx
 Then off to the park!! :D xx Me and sariah have officially gained the title coolest girls EVA i mean just look at those glasses! :D xx Then we decided we wanted to be daring enough to go on the nightmare at camelot!! I was up for that and I guess Sariah was too!! :D xx At the park too I was telling Sariah how I reacted when I went on Oblivion at Alton Towers and I was screaming so like EVERYONE walking past stared at the screaming girl on the swing"" It was HILARIOS!! :D Xx

Then we had to go home unfortunatley and then straight to youth where we made mothers day cards ( but don't tell our mums cause they are a suprise ) Haha!! :D xx Anyway thats about all we did......

It was great though anyway!! :D <3

LUV YOU SARIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX <3

Sunday, 27 March 2011

xX At Church Xx

I know most people say "You go to church, why?" or "Its sooo boring!" but when you go to a fabulous church and ward like mine you're never going to complain!! :D

So today as we changed the clocks I got up at 9.00 o' clock and was sooooo tired and then I had to rush and get ready because we have to be there by 10.00 so I put my skirt and top on and applied my new makeup ( I don't always do this ) and ran out the door to jump in the car.

Anyway enough about the back story of my day the highlight - I have to admit - was when me, Leah and Sariah all met up as the wards were switchng. It was the best thing.

Anyway Sariah has had her hair cut into aa fringe and it looks gawwwjjj; if I do say so. So I was admiring it when Leah - being Leah - came up to us and hugged us both and then the laughing started, Leah and I both know a person who wears the FITTEST (not) ties we have evr seen in our life they are absolutely GAWJ!!

So anywas this is a SNEAK PEAK!! :D Xx 

I have to go now talk later!! :D xx

Bye bye.

Friday, 11 March 2011

xX Sleepover Xx

I really don't understand why a sleepover has the word SLEEP in it, when nobody ever sleeps until like one o clock in the morning...

I know this cause last night my friends Sariah and Ruth slept over, we went to a stake activity at Oldham chapel at 7:30pm first and we talked for a while and I introduced everyone to my 2nd cousin from Utah; Rachel Carter. We all got on really well and then we went to the social etiquetes ( whatever ) class... It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!! :D xx

Sariah, ME, Ruth and Rachel at the bottom!! :D Xx

Then we went back to my house and on the way we played on Rachel's ipod!! :D xx We squeakified our voices and sounded like the Chipmunks! It was soioooooooo fun.. We then played with the famous DOLLS HOUSE!! But at 10 O clock Rachel had to go home to pack because she was going to Italy the next morning at 6.55 am! TO EARLY!! :D Xx

We said bye and got all emotional!! :D xx Lol!! And then the SLEEPOVER STARTED!! :D Xx
We got the popcorn, got the drinks, got the icecream and headed upstairs!! :D I amde the FUNNIEST ever video to Jason Mraz I'm Yours Haha lol!! :D xx Then Slept!! :D xx
Ruth ASLEEP!! :D

The next day we went to Oldham and had the best time ever making Prank calls to Jacob in the elevator haha!! D xx Gunna remember that forvere then we ALL bought watches!! D xx

Haha~!! :D I'll upload more piccis tommorrow!! :D xx Haha and look on http://www.ruthietootie.blogspot.com/ to see the video we made about the watches!! :D Xx

Monday, 28 February 2011

Xx !!!!!!! Sariah !!!!!!! Xx

Sariah Hughes is one of my BFFs!! :D We've had so many memories together and known each other ,well; since birth... lol!! We both go to Ahton Chapel and always have so I see her EVERY Sunday because we are both Mormons!
I don't have many long stories about Sariah but I have some short ones so here goes...

Dolls House

Well Saz and I used to go to each others house alot and one day we wondered what to do... Then we thought go into the conservatory and do some crafts, and thats exactly how it started off until... Sariah and me saw the ( you guessed it ) Dolls House!!

Remember now we were both 11 so we're a bit old to play with Dolls houses but we found it fun and I remember that we both wanted to play with the ugliest dolls and then we went out on the trampoline it was a really fun day and then Sariah lost her phone and I think it's still in our house... I guess I'll never know!! :D xx

And one more story...

2 vs 1
(I don't remember so well but I saw some pictures the other day that seemed to show this story)

When me and Sariah were just young about 5 and my sister Annie was about 4. Anyway we were at our church car park whilst our mums and dads must have been doing something inside but i don't remember as I said i'm mostly making this up from some pictures I saw...

But still we were outside playing in our toy car, because we were so small we could fit 2 of us in it. So as I said me and Saz were 2 peas in a pod (even at a young age) but when i turned around to get in the car with Sariah!!!! And there was Annie, sat smug next to Sariah in MY car... I was devestated but you know as kind as i am I forgot about it... until now...

Thanx for these memories Sariah I'll never forget them!! LUV YA LOADS!! :D xx

Saturday, 26 February 2011

xX Ruthie and our Memories Xx

Ruth is my BFF!! :D xx She is amazing and inspired me to make this blog!She always has something to laugh about and have had many funny memories together and this is one of my favourites...

The Too-Big Turkey

At the Ball
Once upon a time there were two young Princesses named Ruth and Cameela, they were best friends and they always saw each other.

One day Cameela and Ruth both went to a ball at the Oldham palace. Finally the night came to a close and it was time to say goodbye until... Ruth got an idea that the Cameela could come and stay at her palace. Cameela jumped to the opportunity and hastily asked her father, who finally agreed. The 2 were always planning things so Queen Joanne was not surprised when Ruth asked.

The Queen agreed and they head home in their fine carriage. The girls made "Nachos" and enjoyed them whilst watching the home entertainment (million pound drop) it was a splendid night.

Finally they were up and dressed the next morning and after their outing they went to Tesco... And this is where my favourite part begins...

The Tesco was new and had a brilliant stock. The princesses made their way through the isles when their eyes beheld the largest , plumpest turkey they had ever seen. The girls ran towards it... They went to pick it up but realised it was to heavy to lift so called the Queen. She refused, the girls had to do it themselves they laid both hands on the creature and put all their effort into lifting it. Finally it was high enough to get out. The turkey dropped on the floor carrying the girls with it. All the girls could do was laugh. The Queen told them to pick it up but as they both lent forward their heads clashed and they broke down laughing again. Finally the Queen got it and put it back, by then everyone was smiling...

And they lived Happily Ever After!! :D xx LUV YA RUTH!! :D xx <3

By Camilla ... ( Based on a true story )

xX A Little Introduction Xx

Hey hey!! :D xx
Well this is my first time i've ever written a 'blog' so i dont know how it will turn out. But here goes....
Well first this is what you might want to know about me... My name is Camilla!!: D xx I am 12 !! :D xx


I have one brother - Jake: 9yrs - he's addicted to any games. Then I have 4 sisters including - Annie: 11yrs - she is AmAzInG!! Haha!! :D xx Then we have my other sister - Maddie: 7yrs - she is really cute at times and funny too!! :D xx Then we have - Rosie: 4yrs and Tilly (Matilda): 2yrs - they're the pair in our family "as cute as a button" as some would say.

Tilly + Rosie
" Cute as a Button"

Annie + Maddie
"Party Time"
Oh and also... Last Topic... 
Sariah + Ruth + Me
My Friends

All my friends are AMAZING my BFFs have got to be: Ruth and Sariah .... We have all had soooo many laughs together and I've  known them both since I was a baby!! :D xx We are such a group and I luv them both to bits!! :D xx <3

Anyway I don't want to bore you with my life and all that, I just wrote to say : Welcome and Enjoy my other blogs!! :D Xx