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Heyy! I'm Camilla I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and both of my BFF's are too!! They are Sariah Xx and Ruth xx!! I have 4 sisters and 1 annoying brother then again all boys are.... Haha thats just some info about me I hope you enjoy my blog....

Sunday, 27 March 2011

xX At Church Xx

I know most people say "You go to church, why?" or "Its sooo boring!" but when you go to a fabulous church and ward like mine you're never going to complain!! :D

So today as we changed the clocks I got up at 9.00 o' clock and was sooooo tired and then I had to rush and get ready because we have to be there by 10.00 so I put my skirt and top on and applied my new makeup ( I don't always do this ) and ran out the door to jump in the car.

Anyway enough about the back story of my day the highlight - I have to admit - was when me, Leah and Sariah all met up as the wards were switchng. It was the best thing.

Anyway Sariah has had her hair cut into aa fringe and it looks gawwwjjj; if I do say so. So I was admiring it when Leah - being Leah - came up to us and hugged us both and then the laughing started, Leah and I both know a person who wears the FITTEST (not) ties we have evr seen in our life they are absolutely GAWJ!!

So anywas this is a SNEAK PEAK!! :D Xx 

I have to go now talk later!! :D xx

Bye bye.

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